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There is something deeply reviving and envigorating about transitioning into a new season, especially fall. For some, September marks the beginning of a new academic year— la rentrée, as the French would say! Whether you’re an ardent student, a driven solopreneur, or simply someone looking forward to embarking on a new chapter, fall marks the perfect opportunity to reset the mood and transition into a new cozy habitat.

One of my favorite things about autumn is unquestionably style. This time of year brings me back to those carefree and playful days when I’d spend hours on end digging through my mother’s closet, reinventing myself, one ingenious look at a time.

Having more material at your fingertips, layering pieces, and mixing the old with the new is where all the fun begins! Dressing up is just that. Fun. Otherwise, why even bother? Nothing to be taken too seriously, yet curating your unique style could seriously uplift your mood and transport you into a new mindset, a new character. 

Who will you be playing in this next chapter of your life?

Let’s get straight into the goodness! Keep scrolling to uncover my fall fashion curated looks.

Fall Fashion Casual Outfit Satin Dress 1        Fall Fashion Casual Outfit Satin Dress 2

Fall Fashion Casual Outfit Satin Dress 3

A satin-finish slip dress makes for the perfect feminine autumn outfit. Topped over your favorite turtleneck or long-sleeve top, a classic by now!

Fall Fashion Satin Skirt Outfit 4

Alternatively, style a satin midi skirt with a long sleeve sweater or loose-fitting knit, throw on a pair of ankle booties, and you’ll be sure to brighten up any gloomy autumn day!

Fall Fashion Casual Blazer Outfit for Women 1

The band tee and blazer combo craze is anything but over! This go-to combination brings a once formal fashion staple back to the streets for a classy, laidback appeal with a masculine flair.

Fall Fashion Casual Blazer Outfit for Women 2               Fall Fashion Casual Blazer Outfit for Women 3

Fall Fashion Casual Blazer Outfit for Women 4

A must-have pairing that works wonders with a pair of jeans, dressy peg-legged trousers, or a flared skirt. Look smart and effortlessly stylish on those days you feel too lazy to dress up.

Fall Fashion Statement Jacket 1

The best jackets aren’t just toppers, they’re statement-makers!

Fall Fashion Statement Jacket 2      Fall Fashion Statement Jacket 3

Glam up any bland outfit with a bold jacket! Eccentric patterns, striking textures, flamboyant colors? These jaw-dropping statement pieces are sure to stir up conversation.

Fall Fashion Statement Jacket 4    Fall Fashion Statement Jacket 5

Complete the look with a pair of chunky loafers or low heels.

Fall Fashion Leather Outfit 1

Live on the edge with an all-leather look from head to toe!

Fall Fashion Leather Jacket Outfit 1  Fall Fashion Leather Jacket Outfit 2

Fall Fashion Leather Outfit 2Fall Fashion Leather Jacket Outfit 3

Leather and faux leather are having a major comeback this season, but more importantly, an iconic leather piece that can be passed on from one generation to the next is always en vogue and withstand the test of time.

Fall Fashion Sporty Chic Outfit

Sometimes, all you want is to look classy and put together without trying hard. 

In this case, reach out for that beloved soft cropped pullover and pair it up with a loose-fit cargo trousers or jogger pants. Don't forget the fanny pack! 

Fall Fashion Sporty Chic Outfit 2    Fall Fashion Sporty Chich Outfit 5

Or opt for a basic white tee with a white athletic shoe and pop on a structured blazer or oversized trench coat to throw over your w-e sporty look for an off-duty chic allure.

Voilà! I hope this fashion edit has sparked your imagination and inspired a rush of creativity and play into your day.


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