My Evening Clean & Rejuvenating Skincare Routine

Evening SKincare Routine - Non Toxic RejuvenatingWelcome back to the blog dearest ones!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed my very first ‘clean beauty’ article from last month: ‘My Morning Clean & Rejuvenating Skincare Routine’  

I’m excited to be back today with step 2 of the equation, which is just as important. Even though I get pretty tired & lazy in the evening, I look forward to nourishing my skin for a 8 hour-long treat every night as this is usually the only time my skin is makeup-free (except for my poor husband who always cringes when he kisses my oily face goodnight) and available to be submerged in all the creams, oils and treatments that you can think of...   

So let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, its double cleansing time!  

My Evening Routine 

1) CLeanse² 

The idea behind a double-cleanse is to use your first cleanse to breakdown sunscreen and makeup with an oil-based makeup remover. This preliminary step aims to clear out the way for your regular cleanser to actually cleanse your skin instead of working its way through excess makeup, dirt, and oils. Your second cleansing can also address your particular skin type needs and should contain ingredients that hydrate, gently exfoliate, and treat your specific condition, if any.   

For my 1st Cleanse, I use Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser + Make-up Remover containing avocado & raspberry oil which I find removes makeup and dirt like a breeze all the while restoring your natural radiance and skin PH! Rich in Oleic acids, avocado does such an amazing job at protecting and hydrating your skin while raspberry oil stimulates cell turnover, rejuvenating your skin. This cleanser works well for either dry, oily and mixed skin types.    

For my 2nd Cleanse, Graydon’s Aloe Milk Cleanser is a lovely option for dryer and more sensitive skin. It is formulated with sweet skin-soothing apricot kernel oil leaving your skin feeling soft and supple and blended with uplifting and sebum-balancing pink grapefruit and geranium (yum). Graydon's all-natural gentle cleanser also tones and freshens up your face!   

I also like to use Graydon’s Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge to gently remove all excess impurities from my skin while giving it a little daily detox. I had the great pleasure of meeting the founder of Graydon’s skincare line and pick her brains for a couple of hours. She was quick to convince me on using the sponge, despite my concerns regarding my skin’s sensitivity, she got me hooked ever since! Graydon, you are a true beauty alchemist!   

2) Tone it Up! 

My newest discovery is from Wild Grace’s latest Tridoshic skincare set. Namely, the Crystal Facial Mist! This black tourmaline gemstone refreshing tonic is infused with potent botanical extracts such as Rosehip, Grapeseed, Ginseng, and Green Tea – ready to absorb into your skin and provide you with some nourishing, Ph-balancing, antioxidizing goodness + a good prep for step 3, serum!   

Discover Wild Grace & Ignite your Radiance!    

3) S is for Serum! 

While facial creams tend to hold up to 5-10% active ingredients, a good serum contains about 70% of these hydrating, nourishing & protecting, brightening and strengthening ingredients. So, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this facial elixir! There is such a large variety of serums on the market, I personally have my own assortment at home and rotate through them as I see fit. If you are new to serums, a good start could be to begin reading their active ingredients and find out if they would be beneficial to your skin. Or you can reverse-engineer and search for which products contain the active ingredients you would greatly benefit from.   

Wild Grace’s Vata serum has definitely been one of my go-to's for years now & also my introduction to serum all-together! My skin dries up easily and is prone to fine lines if I don’t make my skincare ritual a regular habit. I opt for Wild Grace’s wild & organic skincare because I really do believe in nature’s healing properties and have seen so many positive changes to my skin so far!   

Wild Grace’s ELIXIR Tridoship Plumping Serum has got to be my new fave! The moment I opened the bottle and got a whiff of it, I was obsessed – true nectar for the skin! Containing hyaluronic acid bringing the skin the deep hydration it needs, especially for us Canadians and our freezing winters... The ELIXIR serum is enriched with co-enzyme-Q-10, helping your body produce collagen and elasticity, as well as olive squalane, a natural emollient that soothes & softens the skin in addition to protecting it against moisture loss.   

I’ve also been head-over-heel in love with Graydon’s luxurious oil-based Superfood Serum infused with saffron plant stem cells & a blend of nourishing superfoods offering your skin a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants and anthocyanins which help calm inflammation and reduce stress while helping brighten your complexion and hydrate your precious skin. There is so much more to it, you can find out more about its active ingredients HERE. This is what I call true plant power!   

4) Pack on the Moisture! 

A hydrated complexion always gives you that plump, healthy and youthful look! Keeping your skin moisturized not only improves skin elasticity but also helps to prevent premature aging. Surprisingly for many, hydrating your skin also helps combat oily skin, so don’t shy away from this step if you are on the oilier side!   

To find out more about my favorite skin moisturizers and application method, head over to step 5 of My Morning Skincare Ritual! 

5) Seal the Deal! 

Applying rich in antioxidants & vitamins plant face oil is the final step acting as a protective barrier to your skin by an occlusive effect – supporting the skin in retaining its moisture while both nourishing and healing it.   

  • If you have oily acne-prone skin, then you need to look for oils that contain a higher dose of linoleic fatty acids to restore your sebum balance and prevent those breakouts. Sunflower Seed oil, amongst many others, have been proven to be particularly beneficial. Meet Bloom Meltdown Oil for Acne-Prone Skin Facial Oil contains a combo of all-natural ingredients including sunflower seed oil to help soothe and heal oilier skin types.  A few more options are grapeseed oil & hemp seed oil   

  • For more sensitive and dry skin types, lookup for high in oleic fatty acid face oils such as hydrating & replenishing avocado oil,  as well as soothing and calming sea buckthorn oil, also known to work wonders for protecting the skin from harsh and cold weather. Camellia, safflower, and sweet almond oil are other great alternatives.   

  • More mature and aging skin will largely benefit from ultra-rich in antioxidant oils such as rosehip seed oil, oftentimes referred to nature’s retinol! Rosehip seed oil also works wonders for acne-prone skin types.   

For a 2-in-1 treat, add a few drops of your favorite oil to your night-time skin moisturizer.   

Some Final Tips! 

You Deserve the Pampering!  

Face massages help rejuvenate and maintain beautiful skin. As a bonus, it will leave you feeling nice and relaxed, a lovely ritual to add to your evening routine while applying your serum!   

You may like to try the ‘Natural Facelift Ritual’ massage created by holistic aesthetician Julie Clark, founder of Province Apothecary. This was the first face massage I ever did and I was 100% lovin' the entire process (and results)! It got me thinking, I should get back to it!! Print out a copy HERE and clip it by your bathroom sink! 


Your skin is a living, breathing organ, it is constantly adapting and changing depending on the outer and inner environment it is exposed to. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye open and adapt your routine accordingly! For example, your skin might be much dryer, more chappy and dehydrated during the winter months, this will call for an adapted skincare routine that will tend to those specific needs! 

Extra Lovin’  

Once or twice a week, I will add-on some extra treatments to my skincare routines such as masks and scrubs. As I become ridiculously lazy in the evening, I lay out the treatments I want to use as part of my bed-time routine earlier on during the day so that I actually look forward to them.   

I tend to do a weekly chemical peel + a mask treatment. Hyaluronic and hydrating masks are my definite go-to!   

Drink Up Buttercup!  

As part of my morning skincare ritual, I drink 2 cups of lukewarm water upon rising. Amongst many other benefits that staying hydrated has on health and wellbeing, a well-hydrated skin can help maintain skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. Helping it appear plumper & more supple while addressing surface dullness and combatting the buildup of dead skin cells.  For additional benefits, I like to include a scoop of collagen or half a squeezed lemon into the second glass.   

Lifestyle Habits  

Cosmetic skincare alone cannot replace a healthy lifestyle supporting your most beautiful skin! Staying active & well-hydrated, and nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods is essential to maintaining your radiant glow!  Your inner well-being will also affect your skin, so make sure you take good care of the entire package given to you! 

I hope you’ve found some value in this article. I would love to hear about some of your non-toxic skin discoveries or favorites, pop them down in the comments below, alongside any questions or recommendations!   

with love,