My Morning Clean & Rejuvenating Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine - Non Toxic BeautyWelcome back, sweet readers! 

It has been a hot minute alright, and I’m excited to be back sharing some of my favorite beauty finds with you! 

Skincare has become such a soothing and unwinding ritual to me, where nurturing my largest organ became an act of self-care just like any other, one that I can adapt to my own needs and preferences... 

To give you a bit of context on my skincare journey, it was only after my 30s that I began taking consistent care of my skin. Back in my teenage years and early twenties, my skin would be naturally blush & glowing no matter how I treated it! It appeared to be resistant to my continuous lack of cleansing & care, even to hangovers and countless poor dietary choices. It was effortlessly fabulous and I didn’t give much thought about it what so ever.... until I did. 

As my mid-twenties hit and I had lost some weight, I almost instantly began observing the first signs of aging make their appearance. It wasn't the fact that some baby fine lines where making their debut that bothered me, I was more concerned about my skin becoming noticeably thinner, dryer and dull-looking. Lt’s just say that it wasn't my favorite look and it undoubtfully altered the way I felt about myself! 

Almost a decade later, I can happily state that I feel much more confident (and pretty) in my skin, thanks to the love & care I’ve been giving it ongoingly. 

My skincare education is still at its early stages, yet following this easy routine, which only takes me a few minutes, has already given it so much more suppleness, softness, and glow within the last year alone.  Additionally, switching to all-clean skincare has become much easier as we are now lucky enough to have a wide range of non-toxic products available to us both online and in-store! 

Enough babbling, here we go! 

My Morning Routine

1) Rinse 

As I wake up, I rinse my face rapidly with lukewarm water just to freshen up and prep it for proper absorption. I use an organic cotton cloth to tap off excess water. There is no need for additional cleansing if you have properly washed your face the night prior, too much water can actually dry up your skin and if you are anything like me, you want to keep it as moistures as can be! 

2) Tone 

A good quality floral water works as an excellent skin toner, helping remove excess dirt and balancing your skin’s PH. Divine Essence uses a low-temperature extraction method for the essential oils used in its products, providing a higher percentage of active ingredients in their floral waters. More goodness for the skin! 

I use Organic Damask Rose by Divine Essence

3) Plump & Hydrate 

In this next step, I like to either alternate between or use both Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid to pack on an extra punch of glow! 

Vitamin C does an incredible job of preventing collagen loss which keeps the skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. Loaded with antioxidants, it helps reduce the appearance of fine line and does a great job at brightening up the skin’s complexion. 

Suggested Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Antidote’s Hb5 Hydration formula acts an as intensive skin regenerator and hydrator. Containing hyaluronic acid, it provides an instant plumping effect along with its pro-vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, working as a humectant by infusing water into the skin cells and retaining moisture deep within the skin tissues all the while helping improve the skin barrier functions.  

I use Antidote Hb5 Hydration by corpa flora 

4) Eye Care 

Believe it or not, I am a newbie to eye cream altogether! This summer while visiting some incredibly generous friends in Greece, I was kindly gifted an entire line of natural pharmaceutical-grade, hand-crafted skincare products that I am indulging in daily and absolutely loving! Thank you, Irini! 

Part of this assortment includes an eye cream boosted with anti-wrinkling and dark-circle lightening Vitamin E as well as regenerating C vitamin. To top it off, it is also supercharged with rich in vitamin A “muru muru” butter, locking moisture & restoring dry, damaged skin. The appliance feels so rich and soothing, I am hooked already!’s ‘Green & Naturalsection has a wide and generous selection of clean skincare products to choose from. If you have an all-favorite non-toxic eye cream to recommend, please do share the goodness in the comments below! 

5) Hydrate 

I like to switch things up here, mainly because my skin demands different care seasonally, and also, on a daily basis! I believe in fine-tuning and adapting your routine to your particular, current skin condition. 

This past season, I’ve dabbled between 3 of my favorite Graydon plant-powered face creams, namely The Putty , Skin Stuff , and Berry Rich, each one holding their unique blend of active ingredients & associated benefits. Depending on your skin type and goals, you can explore which formula best suits you.

Personally, I have become a big fan of ‘The Putty’, which is a lovely alternative for dryer and irritated skin-types like mine. This formula is ultra-soothing, moisturizing and extremely beneficial and protective for both harsh, cold weather and sun-exposed skin! Their oil-free Super Sensitive Skin stuff ceramide cream has also been my go-to for those extra heated European days where I really just wanted to feel light yet 100% nourished. For oilier skin types, I would suggest looking into their phyto-retinol Green Cream

During the fall & winter season, I will often-times apply a double-layer of face cream to make sure it receives the extra love it needs! When applying the second layer of cream, feel free to re-apply only on those areas your skin most needs it aka dryer spots versus over the entire face. 

6) Protect 

Sunscreen is a must in my books! The number one way to prevent maturing skin is to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. 

It took me way too long to stop ignoring the importance of sunscreen application when it comes to health & skincare!  2019 was officially the first year I began wearing sunscreen on my face, religiously! Yes, at the tender age of 34 dear friends, cringe if you please! 

In a recent study, Australian researchers of the Annal of Internal Medicine calculated the effect of long-term sun exposure within two groups of participants under the ages of 55. The first group was applying sunscreen daily while the others were told to use it as they pleased. After only 4 years of implementation, the results found in skin samples were hard to ignore; participants who wore sunscreen daily appeared to show 24% less skin aging than the second group! I mean that is a quarter fewer wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, you name it! In only 4 years! The same journal article suggests that it isn’t too late to reverse and prevent signs of aging if you haven’t been regularly using sunscreen so far – I feel quite optimistic! 

To ensure I get the most benefits and anti-aging effects from my sunscreen usage, I personally opt for a broad-spectrum SPF protection 40+. You will find there are a couple of options to choose from when selecting your winning SPF cream, namely the choice between a mineral or physical sunscreen. You can find out more about these options in this Laroche Posay article.  

Suggested Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Mineral Lotion  

Et Voila... Stay tuned for my Night-time Skincare Routine! 

I hope you’ve found some value in this article. I would love to hear about some of your non-toxic skin discoveries or favorites, pop them down in the comments below, alongside any questions or recommendations!  

with love,