Ring Sizing Guide

The most reliable way to measure the size of your finger is by using a ring sizer or by visiting your local jewelry store. However, you can also take measurements from home using an existing ring when purchasing rings online. Simply use one of the following methods or both!

Method 1

You will need:

  • A thin strip of paper or thread
  • A measuring tape or ruler


  • Wrap the paper or thread around the base of your finger;
  • Using a pen, mark the area where the paper or thread meet;
  • Measure the length of your thread in mm with a ruler
  • Use the chart below to determine your sizing
  • Measure 2-3 times for accuracy
  • Scroll down for additional tips

Method 2

You will need:

  • A ring that fits you well
  • A measuring take or ruler


  • Place your ring on the measuring tape or ruler
  • Measure the inner diameter of the ring in mm
  • Use the below chart to determine your size
  • Scroll down for additional tips

A few additional tips

  • Wider and chunkier rings have less “give” for slipping over your knuckle. You may like to increase the ring size to a half size up.

  • Stacking rings need to be within a quarter size of one another to stack well.